Friday, 23 May 2014

British Museum

Lego Museums visited the British Museum in 23th May 2014. The famous British Museum is known to have a large collection of world historic artefacts from Egypt to Britain itself. This is the oldest National Museum in the World. Where ever the objects come from, there is a huge diversity of the all periods the country of origin. All these objects that are held here are mixed with the most well-known to the unknown e.g. the Rosetta stone, Elgin Marbles to Prehistoric mask of Star Carr and the Iron Age Waterloo Helmet.

Will going into the British Museum

If you are going to the British Museum, would suggest that you really need a stand of silk thread or bread crumbs to found your way out of the labyrinth of gallery full to the brim of world history. 

As you walk into the museum you are hit with the celebrated Great Court. Visitors across the globe look up to have a set of the huge arched glass roof. While in this centre piece of the museum you may enter the main galleries, including the Room of Enlightenment and the long Egyptian exhibit that holds the legendary Rosetta stone.

Will walking through the Great Court.
Will reading some books in the Room of Enlightenment.

If you plan to go to the museum for one day, see and enjoy everything you might be disappointed. As there is over 70 rooms that are flowing with history waiting to be looked at over a number of days. There is a room for everyone's historic tastes. You can see what most appeal to you or go adventurous and see the things you wouldn't necessarily see or with you would be interested in. As a whole the museums is fantastic for young and elderly historic fanatics. The museum is bursting with history so you days of fun at the museum.

The Egyptian Gallery.     
Regularly the museum hosts many different temporary exhibitions like the Viking: Life and Legends; and Eight Mummies, Eight Lives, Eight Stories. Which were on and starting when we visited. Lego Museums will be visiting most of these exhibitions when new ones come about so keep an eye out for new posts of each matter. These temporary exhibitions are normally exclusive to the British Museum, so come and see the ones you wish while you can.

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