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Revolution! The brick chronicle of the American Revolution and the inspiring fight for liberty and equality that shook the world - BOOK REVIEW

Revolution is a history book by Brendan Powell Smith, which looks at the both the American and French revolution. Published in 2014. You can purchase a copy from Amazon

Revolution! The brick chronicle of the
American Revolution and
the inspiring fight for Liberty
and equality that shook the World.

Brendan is a Lego photographer, who has undertaken many different Lego projects such as the Brick Bible, where he has done a similar thing with his history books but also famous scenes from the Bible. Such as Adam and Eve and the Last Supper. 

Brendan's Brick Bible push started his new historic projects including the Assassination! and Revolution!; hopeful there will be even more of this calibre in the near future.

A scene of a Continental army massacre.
Looking at Revolution, I can see how much in approvement Brendan has made from his previous book, Assassination. Using the same methods of putting the events across to the read, with step by step scenes along side the facts. Although, the book seems to be divided in quality and realism. As I have said before in may last review of Assassination, he has made history seem more palatable but he somehow makes a lot of his work as realistic as possible, no matter how shocking or gory he has made it work in the materials he has available, Lego.

George Washington,
of the Continental army. 
The construction of some characters do sometimes spoil the amazing representation of history using Lego. He tries to recreate the fashion of the time of long stocks and high boots. His portail of this makes them look like they are short and standing on stilts to make them taller. Shown here with Washington. This seems to be very unnecessary creativeness but sadly doesn't look too good as the rest of the illustrations throughout the book.

Ichabod Alden being killed
by Iroquois outside
a fort at Cherry Valley.
It is also a shame that some of the scenes do look like that Brendan has used photo shopped for things that were hard to recreate out of Lego. Such as a scene of Ichabod Alden being killed with a tomahawk. Which is a shame as it destroys the idea of having all of it naturally made up of Lego. Although it does make it realistic.

On a happier note, in this book I could not find any typos, in comparison to in Assassination. Which is a great improvement.

Invasion of Quebec
by General John Burgoyne.
In Revolution, you will be able to see more hat and hair creations which make the scene so much more realistic. This technique can be seen in the recently released LEGO MOVIE. This is been portrayed in this book contrast to Brendan's other creations. Although this is a good thing, I have seen constantly inconsistency in the idea as well as the result of paint or colouring of the back of the heads to seem like there is hair. For example, the invasion of Quebec, General John Burgoyne has Lego hair and hat but the captured Continental soldiers have coloured in hair. Even though these are detailed in doing so, it doesn't look great with the inconsistence of Lego hair.

Brendan Powell Smith,
the Author of Revolution
and Brick Books. 
Moving past the mistakes and faults of the book, it is a great historic book to read and flick through. Has looked at both sides of the events of the revolutions which show bad and good events. Allowing the reader to gain all the facts to give their own judgement on the facts that are given to them. Making the book in some respects un-biased, which is rare in writing about history and past events. Most historians and writers seem to lavish themselves in putting their own point across but it seems that Brendan has skipped and ignored the idea. This makes a great read for history and Lego fans alike.

I can't wait to see if Brendan Smith publishes anymore books because I will love to read them and enjoy.

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