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Julius Caesar - "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!"

"Veni, Vidi, Vici" - Caesar
Julius Caesar born in Rome 12th or 13th of July 100 BCE into the Julian clan. 

Caesar became a politician and general of the Late Roman Republic, who raised himself in the political system. Greatly expanding the Roman Empire in doing so.

Succeed in became a Quaestor in 69, Aedile in 65 and Praetor in 62. In 61-60 BCE he served as the governor of Spain. On his return to Rome in 60, Caesar, Pompey and Crassus joined together in a political pact, the Triumvirate.

Giving him the opportunity to gain the Consulship in 59 BCE. In the following year he was appointed as the governor of Gaul (France), staying for eight years. He reduced the possibility of a Gallic invasion and revolt. He also attempted two expeditions to Britain in 55 and 54 BCE.

He returned to Rome without disbanding his army and starting a civil war. After Caesar defeated the republican forces, Pompey, their leader, fled to Egypt where he was assassinated. 

Assassination of Caesar
Caesar then became the master of Rome and made himself consul and dictator. He used his newfound political powers to carry out some radical reforms. Although, a dictatorship is normally a temporary position. In 44 BCE, Caesar took it up for life, in doing so he alienated the Republican Senators. A group of the senate assassinated Caesar on the 15th March 44 BCE in the Theatre of Pompey. 

With his assassination, sparked another civil war that ends the Republic and started the imperial system with Caesar's nephew and adopted son Octavian, as Augustus on becoming the first Emperor of Roman Empire.

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