Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Richard III - "A horse, a kingdom for a horse!"

Lego Richard III (1483-1485)
Born on the 2nd October 1452 in Northamptonshire, son to Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York and Cecily Neville. 

His brother Edward gained the throne of England during the War of the Roses after killing Henry VI.

After his brothers death, Edward IV, in April 1483 Richard was named the Protector of the Realm for Edward's son, Edward V only 12 years old. Edward V was escorted to London by Richard and he took up residence in the Tower. Edward's brother Richard of Shrewsbury, later joined him.

Richard soon condemns Edward IV's marriage to the boy's mother, Elizabeth Woodville, as invalid and their children are illegitimate. On the 25th June, both the Houses of Lords and Commons supported his claims. The next day Richard became Richard III officially starting his reign. He was crowned in July. The 2 princes in the Tower suddenly disappeared in August and were rumoured to be murdered by their uncle, Richard.

A horse, a Kingdom for a horse!!!
In August 1485, Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, a Lancastrian can from exile in France to South Wale to take his claim to the throne of England. Henry engaged Richard in battle at Bosworth Field in Leicestershire on 22nd August.

Although Richard had the advantage of numbers, most of his advances were defected. Refusing to flee, Richard was cut off in a mash and was killed after falling from his horse and Henry Tudor took the throne as Henry VII. 

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