Thursday, 3 April 2014

Milestone Museum

Milestone Museum is a living museum in Basingstoke. This contains a large network of streets, buildings and shops repainting the history of Hampshire from the Victorian era to the 1940s.

Will is walking through the streets and going through Britain's rich past as he goes.
Lego Museums visited in the 3rd April 2014 to see the LEGO Lost World Zoo exhibit there displayed a large selection of Lego art that depicted life-sized prehistoric animals and early species of man.

Will see a Giant Lego Moa
Will with a Lego Homo-Neanderthalensis.

Although we can't forget that his is a Victorian era living museum to us can't leave it out. The place is full of history that is waiting to be unwrapped. Even with the smallest thing thought of.

Lovely un-touched King Edward Cadbury's chocolates.

Will is waiting for the Bus.
However, the Lego exhibit might not go with the rest of the museum, it was a good and fun exhibit to see. Definite family friendly place with or without the Lego.

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