Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Visit to HMS Belfast with the Imperial War Museum

Lego Museums visited HMS Belfast in London on the Thames in 9th July 2014. This is a warship which was built in 1936 and launched in Belfast on St Patrick's Day 1938. She was the largest and most powerful cruiser in the Royal Navy of the time and still was for most of the War.

Will going for a close up of HMS Belfast.
It was designed for the protection of trade, was called into service to patrol the northern waters to impose a maritime blockade on Germany. Although after being hit by a mine, she was out of action for three years. 

The ship bell - HMS Belfast

After returning to the home fleet in 1942. HMS Belfast was sent to to the arctic to protect the convoys and Russia's supply route throughout the war. HMS Belfast continued to be apart of the arctic convoy until 1944 when she spent five weeks supporting D-Day landings and she was reported to have fired one of the first shots on D-Day itself.

Will loves the HMS Belfast.
After the Second World War HMS Belfast played her role in the Korean War 1950-52. She then spent her final years as a peace-keeping duties until she was retired in 1963. 

In 1967 the Imperial War Museum took her under their wing. She was then opened to the public in 1971 on 21st October. 

The way the IWM has done with the HMS Belfast is well done. All way through the warship there are a number of wax works showing that each room was used for. Including sounds of the ship that have been placed in really brings the place alive for all the visitors. Even some of the wax works move to give the visitor a strange feeling that you aren't really alone.

Will is hanging with the crew of HMS Belfast.
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Will is wondering what is for dinner... potatoes... damn it not again!
As well as this, throughout the ship there are a number of original articles that would been used around this time and period. The whole ship is a adventure inside out. A great place to lose the kids in. A great place to go for the day out if you are interested into World War 2 and military weapons of war.      

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