Friday, 12 September 2014

Natural History Museum

Lego Museums visited the Natural History Museum on the 12th September 2014. This Museum is a architectural marvel with the amazing decorative tiles all over the museum itself. You might be coming to the museum for the natural history but the museum itself is soaked in architectural history, as well the historic and famous dino Skeletal model Dippy the Diplodocus who you are hit with once you enter the building itself.  

Dippy the Diplodocus 109 years old

The whole place is jam packed with animal history from Dinos to the Human story of Evolution and some species that you can recognise even today. Although you will need to book about a week off to even scratch the surface of the amount of stuff with in this huge museum. It is definitely worth the time to come down and see what they have to offer. 

Will has lost interest in the
evolution of Man for some reason.
This is a great place for children as they will be amazed by the huge and mind blowing specimens that are shown throughout the museum. There is a wildlife garden where they could run around and explore and have fun. This is the best place where they can have fun and learn at the same time. This will keep them occupied until exhaustion but it will all be worth the effort.  

This museum is also well placed in a street grouping of all the great museums in London; the V & A Museum, Science Museum and of course Natural History Museum. So if you feel like a change of scenery then you have a museum which is only a stone throw away. So go and have fun and explore until you're mind explodes.    

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