Monday, 20 June 2016

Brickmania Panzer III Ausf H set REVIEW!

Now you are probably wondering why am I reviewing a Brickmania set that has been sold-out late last year. Well not all of them have sold-out, you can still buy the Panzer III Ausf H at Brickmizimo

Now lets look at the set itself. Designed by Daniel Siskind, owner and main designer of Brickmania in September 2015. However, a new generation of this model is out now. This new model isn't much different to the original but has small details and improvements. 

At Brickmizimo this kit is 149.50 euros/$168.58/£117.44. I believe this isn't a huge difference to the original price of the model at Brickmania. 

The instructions are printed with high quality paper and ink. With these you also get a history section at the back of the booklet. This shows a very small section of the background behind the tank itself. 

Of course with most of Brickmania's larger models you also get a certificate of authenticity and the box is numbered and signed by Daniel (the designer).

You only get one custom printed minifig, a Panzer officer. I would have liked it if he was given a side-arm but he is great on his own.  

Now the antenna can be adjusted up and down. However, when it is up it gets in the way of the main gun of the tank. Also it is very fragile as it is attached with a minifig studded back piece. 

Now what really annoys me with this kit is the tracks. They are too small for the wheels and ever once in a while they slip off completely. However, I do believe on the new version, the tracks are bigger to remedy this problem.

The 1x2 1 studded tile which attaches the gun to the turret makes the main gun weak to adjust.

The sides of the tank that which protect the tracks we fragile and move a lot as they are only attached with one stud. 

This model is great but it does have some problems with the design but luckily in the new version which is out now most or not all are fixed in the redesign. 

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