Thursday, 2 February 2017

World War 1 Lego/3D Printed book review

World War 1 
by Minifig Battlefields
I have been looking forward to a Lego book about Great War. I was hoping for great photos, amazing builds and interesting content. However with this book by Minifig Battlefields, I wasn't so happy about. I would love to say a lot of good things about this book but I can't, sadly.

The most interesting thing about this Lego book is how it uses 3D printing and Lego to illustrate the history. This isn't a bad thing but there isn't much Lego to be really seen in the entity of the book, apart from the minifigures. I understand that the company mainly sells and uses 3D printed, WW1 military Lego parts and this is another branch of the same thing. However, this gives the book a catalog feel to it, a way of advertising their products. Making the book not much of a Lego one.

The information is the only real good thing about this small book. Its interesting and accurate, and goes through all aspects of the war from the famous of battles, to the uniforms and weaponry each country during it. 

Page layout.
Overall the thing which destroys the entire book is the photos. Most or not all are green screened and badly photo-shopped creating what could have been a great image to something which could have been done better. The worst thing is, a few of the images are ever out of focus or been enlarged making it extremely pixilated. 

Its a shame how a standing idea of the book was great the execution of the book could have been so much better and more perfect in the way it was presented.    

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