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Lego Classicist

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Lego Classicist is social media page which is dedicated to recreating classicists in Lego. Started up by Liam D. Jensen (Independent Historical Archivist) takes a interesting approach to history and Lego. 

Although every thing has a interesting beginnings. Lego Classicist started  up by  completely accident. During Liam's holiday break from work, he happened to be look online for Lego and stumbled across a number of figure parts that reminded him of Associate Professor Tom Hillard, an academic and an old family friend. He purchased the parts, thinking it would make a great gift.

The first Lego Classicist,
A/Prof. Tom Hillard.

Liam uploaded a photo of the figure on his personal Facebook account. The post became popular and found it's way across Australia.

After making more Lego figures for other academics, the hobby jumped started Lego Classicists.

The Lego Classicist family grow and now includes former Lego Senior Curator at Nicholson Museum Michael Turner (responsible for three Lego models displayed at the Nicholson Museum), Lego Prof. Wallace-Hadrill (Roman historian, archaeologist and TV presenter), Lego Dr. Kara Cooney (world renowned Egyptologist and presenter), Lego Sir Charles Nicholson (founder of the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney) and Lego Prof. Christopher Smith (Director of the British School at Rome). 

Former Lego Senior
Curator at
Nicholson Museum,
Michael Turner
"The goal of these Lego Classicists figures is more metaphorical art than literally correct visual truth... so then the real challenge is not to make them 'look' like the person, but how to make them 'feel' like the person"
- L.D. Jensen

Every Lego figure made by Lego Classicistic are gifted to the people they portray and are never produced for commercial profit because every single figure to be unique and special to the person who are honoured in Lego Classicists. 

To qualify as an Lego Classicists, you need to come under the three categorise: 

Lego Sir Charles Nicholson
founder of the
Nicholson Museum
Lego Classicist
Anyone who deals with any other serious study of the ancient world of any other civilization across the world, such as Egyptology.

These include academic, scholar, archivist, librarian or historian who works in the study of classics (the ancient worlds of Greece & Rome, traditional classics) can become a Lego Classicist.

Honorary Lego Classicist
Anyone who works in the discipline of history, including modern history, who is promoting the greater use of the recording and use of history.

Anyone, including people outside the discipline of ancient & modern history, who has shown great interest in, or provided a significant new perspective to, the study or understanding of ancient history.

Me in Lego
by Lego Classicist
Honourable Mention Lego Classicist
Anyone who has had a connection to the work of ancient world study and engagement, even when their work is seemingly unconnected, but without whose help it would not be possible.

Lego Classicist reminds me a lot of myself, with my Lego historic people posts and photographs. I completely respect Liam for providing Lego figures for free in honour of those in the cultural sector.

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