Monday, 7 September 2015

Is Emperor Palpatine the NEW Julius Caesar?

Rise to power.
In light of new Star Wars film being released this year we thought we should do a post based on both the sci-fi film and history. So we are looking at a comparison of two characters, Julius Caesar and Emperor Palpatine. Please do put you opinions on the matter in the comments below. 

Emperor Palpatine, maybe a fictional character in one of the most famous sci-fi films of all time, Star War; but is there a real truth behind the fiction? As many people know that a lot of story writers take true stories and change them to make up their own fictional storylines. Now what I would like to do, is to see if this is the case for Palpatine and histories most famous figure, Julius Caesar

They both lived in a Republic which was started after the fall of a powerful dynasty, Roman Kings/Sith Lords. They both worked within the Senate of the Republic and both climbed the ladder of political ambition. With Caesar, he became Senator, then Quaestor in 69, Aedile in 65 and Praetor in 62. Then in 61-60 BCE he served as the governor of Spain and the Consulship in 59 BCE. And with Palpatine, he became Senator and them Supreme Chancellor. Both gaining the highest position in the Republic they served in and needing room to grow farther in power.

Both were clever enough to manipulate the situation they were in, for their own gain. With Caesar, he used the civil war that erupted between him and Pompey in 54 to be giving position of consul and dictator (at this time it was a elected position) of Roman in the time of crisis. After he defeated his enemy he refused to give up his power, and then forced the senate to give him the dictatorship for life in 44. 

With Palpatine, he was given 'emergency powers' in time of war with the Trade Federation and the Sith Lord, Count Dooku. After the Trade Federation and all the known Sith Lord were defeated, he refused to give up his powers when the Jedi Council requested him to do so. In doing so he revealed he was Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith. Both gained powers bestowed upon them by the Senate in time of crisis and both refused to give up that power after the threats were eliminated and no longer a problem.

The assassination.
In 44 BCE, after alienating the Roman senate, Caesar was assassinated in the Theatre of Pompey by many of the members of the senate, including his close friend Brutus. With Palpatine, he was killed by his padawan, Darth Vader. Both seem to have been killed by their friends because of one reason or another.

So it seems to be quite easy to say that the story of the Emperor Palpatine is very similar to that of Julius Caesar's. Through life and death, they seem to share the same path and plot. In conclusion, essentially the Star Wars character Emperor Palpatine is Caesar in more places than some. 

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