Monday, 11 January 2016

Lego Minifigure Year by Year - A Visual History Book REVIEW!

Lego Minifigure Year by Year
by DK
With this very large book, official Lego book by DK, you receive three exclusive minifigures, a plain Townsperson, Stormtrooper and a Robber. The minifigures aren't really that special, I wouldn't advice anyone getting the book just for the minifigures alone. They wouldn't be worth it. Although the book is, as long as you have a huge interest in Lego minifigure. 

You can learn the history of the Lego minifig, how they are made and how they have evolved to the little yellow figures we know and love today. As it shows in the name of the book it goes through each minifigure year by year. Telling you different information about each one. It even touches on the elements that makes up each minifig, such as, the different hats and hairpieces they may use.

Exclusive Minifigures, 
Townsperson, Stormtrooper 
& Robber     
Now if you aren't a huge Lego fan then I wouldn't suggest reading this, as this book is more for a Lego enthusiast and collector as it isn't a book for a light read. This book would be extremely useful for anyone who collects minifigs and wants to know information about their collection or to see which ones they might not have. 

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