Sunday, 24 January 2016

I Love That Minifigure! Book REVIEW!

I Love That Minifigure by DK.
With this small Lego book you receive a exclusive minifigure, a Zombie Skateboarder which is a recreation of the first Lego Skateboarder from the Minifigure Series 1. A great minifigure. Many people simply got this book just for the minifigure alone but the book is equally as good as well.

It is very similar to the Lego Minifigure Year by Year book although it looks at a smaller selection of minifigures, shows more detailed information and shows how exclusive and rare each of them are. It rates the minifigures rarity, on how many were made and how many sets had it in. Funny enough it also describes the exclusive minifigure that even comes with the book.   

Exclusive Minifigure,
Zombie Skateboarder.
Now if you aren't a huge Lego fan then I wouldn't suggest reading this, as this book is more for a Lego enthusiast and collector as it isn't a book for a light read. This book would be extremely useful for anyone who collects minifigures and wants to know information about their collection or to see which ones they might not have. 

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