Friday, 25 March 2016

Medieval Lego History book REVIEW!

Medieval Lego by Greyson.
Medieval Lego by Greyson Beights is one of the best Historic books which is illustrated with Lego I have ever read. The whole book inside and out just shows high quality in the information and materials. 

Greyson and with the help of Medievalist Scholars, created a book that looks at the overview of important events which made  the Medieval world as a whole. You'll will be able to learn about the Battle of Hastings, the signing of the Magna Carta and other great events. 

Greyson gives us a nice balance of Lego Photography and information, which you don't necessarily see in a lot Historic Lego books. Most of the time Historic Lego books give you a lot of photos with so little information accompanying them. This book however gives you a equal display of both.
Even the price seems generous for such a great  and small book. The only thing bad, that I can think of, is there isn't enough of it. Give me more! 

The photos themselves are great, everything you see is done in shot, as it seems there was no use of Photoshop at all. Oh and the builds that make up the scenery are amazing. Beautifully designed and built. 

Magna Carta 1215.
If you're a Lego purist then you would be happy to hear that everything in this book is Lego, no custom accessories or minifigs. Definitely a great book for both Lego and History fans of all ages.  

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