Thursday, 31 March 2016

Little Big Art - Andy Morris

Little Big Art
Andy Morris takes his inspiration from previous art pieces and makes it his own by adding a LEGO twist to them. Using LEGO and Pop Art as his medium, he creates a unique way of seeing modern art. 

You might be thinking that all his work is going to be typically similar to other LEGO artists who create large sculptures using bricks, like Nathan Sawaya. You might be disappointed to learn that's not what he does, but you won't be disappointed for long. Using photography, sculpturing and LEGO models, Morris beautifully recreates famous works of are using the simple brick.

Andy Warhol
Morris' first ever project was the Artist Series. This is a collection of images that depicts famous artist and their work represented in LEGO recreating them as real and true as possible. Staying on the same idea of recreating artist in LEGO, Morris constructed the infamous party animal Pop Artist, Andy Warhol, and even though the minifig is simple it is a good and effective representation of the artist. Accompanying the minifig is a exclusively printed Marilyn Monroe tile that which represents one of Warhol's most famous pieces.  

Branching from this range, Morris has created three LEGO models, which are to represent modern art exhibits such as, The Tank - Damien Hirst's Shark in Formaldehyde; or The Gallery in which you can choose the art pieces that go on display. These include Damien Hirst's spots, Piet Mondrian's composition No.III with red, yellow and blue and Andy Warhol's Money. With each model you know you are going to get a lot of fun from building and displaying your own art, showing it to your friends and family.

Human-Size Marilyn tile.
Morris has also probably made every child (or adult's) dream of being a minifig a reality with his Human-Size LEGO range. You can hold life-size LEGO tiles with his Marilyn & Money tiles that are again inspired by the work of Warhol. He then goes a step further with his largest artwork with Spots and Money Wall pieces. The Spots being based spots on Damien Hirst infamous work, and the Money by Andy Warhol. 

Not all of Morris' work is inspired by previous artworks, with his newest work, for example, Human-Size LEGO Ice Creams, he takes the artificial plastic toy ice cream and makes it seem real by representing it as melting in the hot sun. In my opinion they almost bring a new meaning to realism.

If that's not enough for you? Morris has immortalized himself in The Travels of Roo. Roo is a Lego minifig based on a self portrait of himself. Taking Roo on his travels across the globe, taking photos of him in-front of many different iconic locations in many countries, from New York in the US to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. #thetravelsofroo 

Andy Morris is a unique and brilliant artist. He takes inspiration from the greats and in the process makes him one one of them. 

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