Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Build: Evolution of Man

My Lego build:
Evolution of Man
Okay a lot of you are probably going to say this is the most simplest build ever to be made ever and I should have made something with a bit more of a challenge. I totally agree with you. However, I was looking around and there hasn't been a proper build in Lego for the iconic picture 'Evolution of Man' and I thought there should be one.

There have been many which are similar like xstc's 'Lego Evolution', which is very similar to the common prints that you can find on t-shirts and other products. Now there is one by a unknown artist, which depicts the very comical version of the 'Evolution of Man'. However I wanted mine to be serious and as accurate as possible.

The Lego and BrickForge parts.
There was one which was very similar to the original image. This is was by Stephen O' Mahony on one of his blog post called 'Time'. This had to be the best one I found so far but it could be more accurate. 

So I made my own with a black 4x10 plate, three 4x3 minifig base plate, one 1x2 handle plate, three minifigs and one monkey. The minifigs were from the Lego's minifig series; the Gorilla is from series 3, the Caveman from series 1 and the Computer Programmer from series 7. However, the spear of the Caveman is not Lego but BrickForge's flint tribal spear.

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