Friday, 29 April 2016

Brickmania U.S. WWII Jeep REVIEW

The WWII General Purpose Utility Car (or Jeep) is a great little set by Brickmania. Designed by Daniel Siskind, owner and main designer at Brickmania. The jeep is 1:35 minifig scale, like most of Brickmania's set. However, there are no minifigs included in this set.  

This set cost $50/£34.71, this might be a lot for 124 bricks but as this isn't a Lego set and can't be found anywhere else. Also what you get out of this kit is historic accuracy, great play-ability and custom printed parts. 

The instructions are high quality paper and ink. The instructions themselves are very easy to follow. 

What I think is very cleaver about this build is they used two minifigure hands to make the window wipers of the windscreen of the jeep. A interesting use of unusual Lego part.

The windscreen is adjustable to move up and down. Just like the real thing. 

You have some custom parts which connect the windscreen to the rest of the jeep.  

Also you have this custom printed US army star tile on the bonnet of the jeep.

This is a great set. So I'm giving it 9 out of 10. 

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