Friday, 13 May 2016

Great Lego Sets - A Visual History book REVIEW!

Great LEGO Sets by DK
With this large book, the Great Lego Sets by DK, you receive a exclusive micro-scale space cruiser. This small spaceship is inspired by the 1979 LEGOLAND Space Cruiser and Moonbase set, #928. Which you can find documented within, and displayed on the cover the book.

Like most of the Lego history books by DK, they take you through year by year. Far as I know this book doesn't look at all of the Lego sets which have been produced but a selection of over 300 of the best sets.

For each set you get a detailed 'Guided Tour' which takes you through the sets and the 'Brick By Brick' that takes a look in more detail on the elements which are used in the sets.

Exclusive Micro-Scale
Space Cruiser
However, what makes this book so different from the Lego books produced in the past is you learn about some of the designers themselves. These small profiles on the designers are only depicted with ground breaking sets, such as one of the largest Lego set, the Taj Mahal #10189, 2008.  

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