Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Lego Architect Book Review.

The Lego Architect
by Tom Alphin
Ever since the creation of the plastic brick in 1949, building creation and recreations out of the interlocking brick system has fascinated fans for generation. So it's not surprising it has branched out to architecture. Seeing many beautiful creations of buildings using many interesting techniques of Lego building to recreate these iconic sites. With this interest saw the introduction of the product series by Lego with Lego Architecture in 2008 and onwards.

This book by Tom Alphin, takes a look at the many different types and techniques of architecture and Lego creations. In each is a reasonable length of description on the history and definition of the type of architecture which is used. The interesting aspect of the book is the inclusion of building tips to help with creating your own model. I have never personally seen this in any Lego book before and I do wish to see more of it in more variety of Lego subjects. 

The Prairie House model
After the definition a number of amazing Lego model recreations by other great Lego builders which relate to this type of architecture that's mentioned.

After this there is a section to build your own little model as Tom Alphin has designed some great small Lego instructions to follow. Unusually the models you can create only uses one colour, white. It is interesting why he may have used a single and plain colour; as he might have been referring to architect design models which are normally used by architects to show and display their designs before it is built. 
The uses of the white can also be very helpful on obtaining the parts you need to build the models as a great source of this would be the Lego Architecture Studio set. However, not all the parts you need are in the set. Although using the Studio is most likely the easiest option you will still need to get a few additional pieces especially if you wish to make all of the models in the book. If you wish to do this I would advise to get more than one Lego Architecture Studio set.

The Art Deco

Movie Theatre model
Overall the book is interesting and full of information and Lego ideas to think about. The book is a beautiful addition to your bookshelf and a interesting read to past the time with. If you like the Lego Architecture series, architecture or architectural history. Worth a buy. 

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