Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Art of the Brick - A Life in LEGO by Nathan Sawaya - Book Review.

The Art of the Brick -
A life of Lego by Nathan Sawaya
Now I do have to admit the biggest sin of them all, I missed my chance to go and see the amazing The Art of the Brick exhibit when it was in London. I regret not going. After seeing on-line images and reading this book by the artist Nathan Sawaya, just makes me feel worst about it. With a growing interest and artist fascination with the simple brick; the art world has grown bigger and bigger with more artist coming out of the wood work.

Now in my opinion Nathan is the best Lego Sculpture artist I have ever seen. Using only a simple brick to create these beautiful sculptures. From up close the sculpture is blocky and pixilated but from a far the piece seems smooth and realistic. Allowing the artwork to change perspective of the item from different distances.

Nathan creates a miscellaneous types of sculptures. Some a recreations of day-to-day items (for example, apples a dog), artworks (for example, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt) and a number of unusual modern art human sculptures (for example, Yellow). Some of these sculptures are actually featured in the book.

Looking at the book itself, is a high quality book. The book is full of amazing images of each sculpture which is described on every page. The great thing about this book, is how its written by the artist himself; rather than a critic who describes what he thinks of each art work depicted. Doing the book this way allows the reader to get a glimpse in the world of the artist and the inspiration behind each piece. Giving you, the reader, a personal perspective and the true idea behind the art, rather a false interpretation of someone else.

MOC inspired by
Nathan Sawaya
Okay you might be saying 'why don't you like art critics opinions?' That's not what I am trying to say, they all have valid opinions and art is there to be interpreted. Each view of a piece of art will be in fact different and comes from how the viewer feels about the art work in question. Art is there to be bring out those emotions and ideas. Although it can be far more interesting to learn the inspiration of the artist and their intention of the piece itself. For example, one may look at Yellow a say, it about a broken heart. The gapping whole of what was once there when they were loved. Which is completely valid; although Nathan, the artist, will say its a person opening their true self to the world without fear and how this has shown in his own life experiences. So the explanation by the artist can be more valuable than others as it gives you more of an insight.

Well then would I suggest to you to get this book? Yes, would be the simple answer. If you are a fun of Lego and/or art then don't hesitate to get this book. This book is valuable as it give you a insight into the world of the artist, Nathan Sawaya and his fantastic pieces of art he loves to create. Getting this book will be the most fascinating thing you will do today.

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